Our wonderful Veterans are the reason we do this mission. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.


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So many thanks are due to this organization. We went into the coastline office for some advice for my ex military Fiance to get through school easier, since this process is anything but easier for a man in his late 30's, and we were given a printer for our home since his school semester was only two weeks away.... what a blessing this is.
Thank you again for helping this military family get through yet another semester.

Jacque J   

As a Veteran I became disabled, I found Nat through this program. Even though I have trouble typing they still helped out. I am looking forward with my laptop to get back to work and helping others in need. They save us one vet at a time. Keep up the good work, we are still people with a lot knowledge and promise. Together we can reach our goals.


I was not expecting this generous gift at all. I told a fellow veteran about my laptop dying, and being short on funds I had to continuously use the Veteran Center computers at Vanguard University to do my homework. Then multiple individuals, took time out of their day to help me out, with the laptop. They coordinated with Tom at HeroesDeserveHelp.org. With in a few weeks I was gifted with this HP laptop / tablet with fully upgraded with all the programs I need. I am completely humbled by this wonderful gift. I just want to thank everyone who put this together to help me succeed.
Many Thanks
James P.

Author James P.   

I am temporarily displaced (homeless) so keeping up with friends and business needs. The arrival of the Lenovo ThinkPad has made a huge difference in feeling not so isolated. Thanks for making this blessing available.

Philip Trooutt   

I am so grateful to heroes deserve help. My laptop had crashed, I got another one, and found out it had no hard drive. I told my VASH worker about it, and unknown to me, she asked heroes deserve help for one. I am so happy and grateful. I wish I had known about this place before. Such wonderful work to get veterans laptops. Thank you so much.

Renee Banks   

I am a Veteran Marine going through homelessness and transitional housing. I want to thank all of you who made this possible. I received a laptop and all of the necessary extras needed that has made my journey to returning to a productive life and searching for a job so much easier. The Vets at the Coastline Community College Vets Office and Heroes Deserve Help were extremely helpful and friendly. I could not be happier and now I can continue to search for a job online and complete some online courses. I cannot thank you enough and hope to be able to pay it forward to another vet. Thanks again and Semper Fi.

Richard Lewis   

These people are amazing. I’m so absolutely grateful. As a Veteran they have helped out so much. Such a blessing. Sincerely, Sean

Sean Reynolds   

My name is Nate and I am a veteran USMC. I received a laptop from this organization free of charge. I'm so grateful to them. Keep doing what you're doing. Be blessed

Nate Baker   

After my battery died in my old phone and ruined it, I was worried about how I was going to be able to be able to afford another phone. My phone is my lifeline to the outside world! Luckily for me Chuck reached out to me and was able to get me a phone ASAP! Thank you Chuck for making me have one less thing to worry about!!!

Josie F.   

VSS Inc is a young non profit Veteran Service Agency less than 3yrs old. We haven't received funding as of yet so any revenue or supplies have been by donation. We are opening a Veteran Women's Bridge Housing complex in Los Angeles and will be providing vocational and employment assistance. Nathaniel and Heroes Deserve Help donated twelve 17inch Dell Workstation laptops for our program. This donation is huge and will provide the tool needed assist our Veterans. When we came to pick them up, Nathaniel was so helpful and supportive towards our organization. He made sure each laptop had licensed Microsoft Office software installed on each computer. Big thanks to Penny from Patriots and Paws for introducing VSS Inc to this wonderful organization providing computers for Veterans in need.

Darren Hendon   

I am so grateful to Heroes Deserve Help for helping me get a laptop. The process was so easy and Tom Boscamp was amazing. Thank you for your help! Having access to a computer is life changing.


Some say that angels are assigned different duties, titles. Some are Business Angels, angels that help entrepreneurs build capital and services for his God’s glory, others are angles in the health, music, social development, clergy community etc. However, I recently was led by the Angel of Non-Profit Organizations. One in particular that help US Veterans get a better understanding and usage from computers…thus my story begins.

Hello my name is Corey, better know as C D Golden. I am a author and a freelance web designer who recently relocated from the east coast. I have been using a 2007 13” Mac Book Pro for a long time. With its outdated programs and files, I struggled to get my work done. Also, my eyes began having difficulty viewing the screen.

When I arrived in Los Angeles last year the 18th of December, little did I know that my wife, our little terrier named Wisdom and myself would be living in our car for 5 months due to a technicality with my credit. Someone used my SS# and caused our applications to be turned down, application after application. It cost us so much to finally know that we could not rent a dwelling. Little did I know that I could use my military benefits to help us get on a better track. I had never used any benefits. In doing so, we found ourselves being aided, and in 5 months latter, we found ourselves in a beautiful apartment, happy and in charged of our lives once more…but not completely, we had no jobs nor any furniture!

So through the spirit of God, we were told about Patriots and Paws and was blessed to furnish our home. But wait, we still need to find work during the worst time to locate employment! There’s a pandemic swarming across the nation, the world! How are we going to find work? Well we prayed as we do each day and in November, my wife was offered a job with Blue Shield of California and I was blessed to work for the LA Family Housing Agency. Wow! We are getting it together! Well, now we have bills to pay! But I needed a major tool. I needed a new or better computer. So again the spirit of truth made its way into my soul and led me to man of great merit and character. A man with a vision, birth by a heavenly calling to be guided by the Angel of Non-Profit Organizations. That person was…you guest it! Mr. Nat Miller. I began detailing my predicament on the phone with him. His voice was calm, wholesome and eager to listen and help. Within a week, he called me and told me that he had a computer for me. Now, I didn’t care if it looked like a Frankenstein system, as long as I could update the system and programs. Man, with my old mac, I could even upgrade Google’s browser!

Nat gave me directions to this shop and when I got there, I felt I was approaching a Santa Clause type individual. Nat was wearing a smile that seemed to be exposed with a mask on. He was cool, knowledgeable and caring. He pulled out of a computer bag, and the very thing I prayed for, as I was driving to his shop, was coming out of the bag! It was a 15” Mac Book Pro with 16 gigs of memory. Right then I knew I was being blessed! I was happy as if it were a Christmas morning. Nat and his Non-Profit Angel changed my life. Now we can create, serve and grow!

Thank you Nat for your unyielding spirit to help Vets, (and I am sure people you met along the way). May God continue to guide you and shine his light on your students and their callings that your computers will support.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Corey, Margaret and Wisdom Golden

C D Golden   

I am cyber security student and was in need of a lap top desperately especially with finances being tighter with the birth of my son. With a family of 5 this lap top will save us a lot of money and be a huge resource since this will be helping while I am in school.

Author *Paul Ochoa   

I am a veteran and full time student. I was in need of a laptop since I was staying after school to do my homework. I was assisted by Veteran Services and explained my situation. They were great! they were able to help me with a laptop and the opportunity to continue pursuing my education.

Charlie Lopez   

I received a laptop from Tom Boscamp at Coastline College and couldn't be happier! This will be extremely helpful as I am an Army Combat Veteran in the process of starting a nonprofit to help other combat wounded Veterans. I am very grateful and appreciative. Keep it up guys, you're doing great work!!

Tom W.   

Thank you to Tom with the VRC at Coastline and Heroes Deserve Help for completely changing the way I felt about returning to school. I was concerned about how I was going to be able to get my assignments done with a 10+ year old desktop but was relieved when learned that there was an organization looking out for vets in my exact situation. It was such an easy process and I'm the proud owner of a laptop! Now I'm confident and ready to finish this degree and move on to bigger and better goals. I will definitely be referring all of my friends to Heroes Deserve Help. Seriously, THANK YOU!

S. Yarbrough   

Testimonial *To whom it may concern I am very thankful for this computer...I am a veteran Marine who was in need of this machine so once again Thank you very much...

Author *Willie Watson   

My name is Allen L. Brown. I am a Vietnam veteran. After servicing my country as well as helping many abused and neglected foster care youth, I found my self in need. I made contact with Heroes Deserve Help. They treated me with dignity, honor and respect. I was received by a very caring vet who was professional and understanding. While I went there for assistance I received much, much more.
They offered me food and hygiene products and a wealth of other resources in the surrounding community.
I would recommend them to any veteran who may be facing a tough time to give Coastline Community College Veterans Resource Centers a call.

Allen Brown   

Thank you very much for the laptop. I really needed one and now that i have one i can begin my higer education journey well equipped.

Author *haymish   

My name is Tyler Ollivier and I am a recent Marine Corps veteran. I found about Coastline Community College through google searches. I drove cross country and commute to school from LA because of Tom Boscamp and the veterans recourse center. I am grateful to have the help and guidance from fellow veterans such as Tom that connect me with people that help my school/career progression and daily needs. Anyone who is transitioning and looking to attend a great community college in SoCal, Coastline is the place to be.

Tyler Ollivier   

U.S. Army Vet. Since my Divorce I. 2014 April.
I had been homeless and living job to job traveling but unable to settle. When Covid 19 hit our nation. I was back home in Southern California when my aunt passed away. Unable to return to work, which was a 100 percent traveling g job but never allowed me to settle home. Finally I went I to the HUD Vash Program, and recieved a second chance at finally settling home. Between 1836 Foundation Paws and Patriots and Heros really help.me reestablish back home in California.
With your foundation providing me with a Computer I can begin teaching college course online to finally begin teaching College History. And re en roll back to school as I prepare to settle back home. Thank you so much for the help. I appreciate this very much and God Bless.

Sheldon Ogata
ARMY vet.

Sheldon Ogata   

I was informed about the laptop program from Heroes Deserve Help by Tom at the Veterans Resource Center @ Coastline Community College in Fountain Valley, CA. I will be starting a Masters Degree program and this laptop we be very beneficial to my study time and online class projects and lectures; giving me the mobility I need to do well in school. Also, it allows me to directly help my two young daughters with their school work and assignments. I am very grateful to Heroes Deserve Help for paying it forward to myself, and other veterans, and ensuring we have the technology and tools we need to work towards our goals. Keep up the great work!

Daniel H. Onofre, USN Ret.   

Having endured almost two years of hardship I have finally taken the huge step of seeking a helping hand up. Being a proud individual this was very difficult for me. But along this process I have come to discover that there are people willing to help veterans who are in the most need. HDH and Tom Boscamp are definitely in this group. I was able to attain a laptop through their kindness and it has become another tool on my path to success. Tom made me feel unashamed about receiving such a gift and I have such great gratitude toward him and HDH. Thank you again for your support.

Anthony S.   

Received a laptop and have given many to veterans at the Veterans Resource Center at Coastline! This is real help to veterans and very appreciated.
Regards - Miguel Vazquez Student Veteran & 1st District Rep OC Veterans Advisory Council

Miguel Vazquez   

To Whom It May Concern:
Nathaniel Miller is a valued supporter and volunteer of Operation 29:11 providing technical and consulting expertise to our nonprofit organization. Operation 29:11 is a provider of computer systems to nonprofit organizations and Native American churches, missions, and faith-based schools in California, Arizona and New Mexico. Nathaniel has been instrumental in the process of selecting and refurbishing business quality printers, multifunction machines and computers as required by our partners’ requirements. As a highly experienced technician he also is a valuable asset to our organization as he provides direction and business acumen in a fast changing environment so important to our success.
In this day and age I also recommend Nathaniel due to his high moral character. He has an outstanding work ethic, positive disposition and is a person an organization is richer for having on the team.
I am available at any time for further comment.
Randal L. Williams
ICS Strategic Partners/ Operation 29:11
CP: 714.342.8463

Randy Williams   

Being a part-time student and part-time in the work force has made things a bit stressful for me. I am determined to stay at school and eventually becoming an RN (registered nurse).
Time and money are tight. To help me keep up with the rest of the students, I was in need of a computer. Something I could study with at home as well as in the classroom. Unfortunately it wasn't in my budget.
I discovered the Veterans Resource Center at my school administration office. That is where I met Tom Boscamp and Christy. They were extremely pleasant, courteous and extremely helpful.
Through the Veterans Resource Center they were able to present me with a laptop computer. I cannot thank them enough. People helping people in need is what it's all about and that is what Tom and Christy are all about.

Author *Joyce A. Tagashira   
Author Picture

My father, Jackson Eckstein, was a proud veteran of World War Two. He utilized The Veterans Hospital and their facilities located in San Diego due to their stellar reputation and the numerous services that they offered. When he reached his mid-eighties, he developed Macular Degeneration and was declared legally blind. The Veterans Hospital gave my father a computer that allowed him to communicate with the outside world. Jackson had never operated a computer before but he learned quickly. He was able to write e-mails to his friends and discover information that he was interested in. In May of 2015, this amazing husband, father and proud veteran passed away.
I inherited this computer that my father had utilized to stay in touch with others. I loved using this computer as it was apart of my father. The computer became an essential part of my life when Covid-19 began to impact the world. My husband, David Tomac, has cancer and we utilized my father's computer for all of Dave's Telehealth appointments. Unfortunately, it stopped working and we had difficulty accessing his Telehealth appointments.
I contacted Nathaniel at Heroes Deserve Help regarding assistance in acquiring a new computer. He was extremely responsive to our situation and said that he could help. Nathaniel brought a new computer to us and transformed our lives. We can now take advantage of Telehealth appointments for my husband.
We will be eternally grateful to Nathaniel and his amazing organization Heroes Deserve Help. They do amazing work to help Veterans and in our case families of veterans.
Debby Tomac

Debby Eckstein-Toamc   

Words can not describe the joy and certainty that receiving this Lap Top has accomplished. I believe that there is good people in this world. After feeling underappreciated, A sense of service, Honor and Commitment has sprung up from in me and I will continue the mission. Thank you to V.O.A. and Thank you Heroes Deserve Help.

Mario Miramontes   

I just wanted to take a moment and share how thankful and appreciative I am for HEROES DESERVE HELP. Due to the generosity of this organization many vets including myself have been helped in multiple ways. I received a full desktop computer which will allow me to study and do my online school work without having to dip into my personal funds. This donation will truly help in my post-service success.

joshua w rottler   

For the last 38 years I have learned everything of value from serving those who are in recovery from addictions. I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran, a father who raised 5 kids and formerly ran a successful gang prevention intervention organization. During this time I received a BA and a Masters' of Fine Arts degree. However I was still challenged by life's daily shortcoming and recently divorced ended up living in my van with my service dog in the streets. There were several veteran resources that reached out to me and finally because of these resources I was able to get HUDVASH. I currently live in Huntington Beach with my teen daughter.

During this transformative time I am trying to figure out what would be my next steps in life. In Oct of 2020, being a spiritual man I received a calling. This spiritual calling led me to apply for a 3-year Master's In Divinity Program at Regent University online out of West Virginia. I am 64 and live on a limited income. I have been serving, leading groups and conducting one on ones with at risk individuals trying to recover from Alcohol and Drug problems. I primarily target Veterans, Native Americans and young men and women in various treatment centers in Orange County. I do this for free as someone who has been sober and clean for 38 years. Having little financial resources my greatest need for attending this University was to acquire a working laptop that will assist me in this journey and possible future employment.

So I reached out to a Veteran Resource Staff member, Mr. Tom Boscamp, who referred me to the herosdeservehelp.org link. I put in a request and within 72 hours I received a donation of a laptop. It is because of this I will be prepared for my first class online on Oct 26, 2020. I am so grateful for this donation and thank you for your efforts to assist me as a Veteran who can continue to serve others. The motto of the unit I served with in the military was, "We serve that others may live". Thank you for supporting me in this journey.

Bernardo Rosa   

I am a Active Army veteran, now attending Coastline Community College. Since I have arrived to Coastline, the Veteran's Resource Center has been extremely helpful and beneficial to my integration into school. I often spend my time at the Veteran's Resource Center doing homework using their desktop computer, and printer. Today Tom, and the Veterans Resource Center continue to help me succeed in my studies and everyday life by presenting me with a donated Dell laptop and printer! I can not thank HEROES DESERVE HELP, Coastline Community College, and the Veteran's Resource Center enough for the positive impact and influence the staff has made on me. Once again thank HEROES DESERVE HELP for your continued support.

Larry J. Ruiz   

I came to know Heroes Deserve Help through a Police Officer who has helped me during my addiction recovery phase and homelessness. I have been clean for a year and am now currently in school. Heroes Deserve Help blessed with me with a computer that I am able to use to get me classwork done. I am excited to be able to use my computer on the go without always having to stop in the computer lab. I was also referred to another Veteran for better housing via contact made with Heroes Deserve Help. I just want to say thank you to this organization for giving back to our countries Veterans. I appreciate it, we all do.
Thank you and God Bless,
From John Simmons

John Simmons   

I just want to thank Mr. Nat Miller for his help with obtaining a laptop. When my car was stolen, heros deserve help stepped in and gave me a laptop. I can't say in words how much I appreciate their generosity.


I left the Active Army at Fort Riley, KS in 1981. In 2016, I moved to Orange County from the suburbs near Portland, OR. I found myself homeless, which I don’t recommend. The Santa Ana CRRC helped me with resources leading to my current Section 8 apartment. I was very emotional when I realized I had a secure place to live.
I’ve been seeking employment for at least two years. I’ve found temporary employment, but now, I’m unemployed and looking for work.
I didn’t own a PC. Before COVID, I went to CA WorkSource offices, the public libraries, or Santa Ana College library and used public PCs.
Recently, the only PC I could find was at Staples, where my sessions would cost at least $30. They’ve opened up the Santa Ana Work Center now for appointments in their Resource Room, which has public PCs for worksearch only.
I have an excellent desktop now. Thanks to Tom Boscamp (donated by Heroes Deserve Help) at the Orange County Veterans and Military Families Collaborative (OCVMFC), also known as “The Collaborative.” Frank Fletcher at the Santa Ana Work Center, who is also a Collaborative member, worked with Tom to get me the PC. I’m setting it up with wireless Internet. I’ll be using it to apply for work, including remote clerical opportunities, also to train up my job skills.
I can’t do enough to thank Frank and Tom for their commitment to helping Veterans better themselves.
Thank you!

Victoria Escobar, PFC Medically Retired   



Thank you to Chuck and Nate for providing me with a new laptop to help with my career! I'm a single mom to a young son who is in elementary school. Now I can help him with his homework and complete my online degree at the same time thanks to Heroes Deserve Help. We had no computer in our home for over five years because I couldn't afford one on my fixed income. Thank you for helping me stay connected to my son!


I have been volunteering with Patriots and Paws in marketing and donations for several years now after I saw Penny Lambright handling it by herself for the most part (she'd sometimes get volunteers). After being MIA for a couple of years to tend to my dad up North, I reconnected with her. She suggested that I inquire about getting a computer from Heroes Deserve Help. She sort of knew that I needed something to distract me from my family issues. I also had a brother that I served with pass last year.
During these trying times in our country, Heroes Deserve Help can serve not only veterans transitioning with these computers, but bring purpose and focus. A computer is material but brings a lot of options to the table.
Many veterans don't consider ourselves heroes or want any help . . . but these computers are tools and given to us with the utmost respect for our service.

Thanks for not forgetting the Vets.
"Leave No Man or Woman Behind"

Wes Kawano   

my name is Joseph, i am an Iraq war vet. and i would like to say thank you for your kindness, and for the work that you and your organization to for us.
2 day ago i received a lap top from you guys,thanks to my attorney Roxanna, that new of my need, and she passed on, to the right people. thank you so much, for the good you guys do for us. thank you mr. TOM BOSCAMP.
GOD bless you and GOD bless AMERICA

joseph david jacobo   

I just wanted to thank you for what the organization does for vets. Since I recently transitioned out of the Navy the start up and shock of civilian life is hard hitting. Being able to borrow this laptop will greatly decrese costs for school. Thank you

Author Marq Martinez   

Tom has provided us with computers that are invaluable and the vets centers at CCC and OCC are amazing. Whata great resource.

SGT Liam Carty   

Thank you very much, receiving this printer is really going to help me succeed here at Coastline, and i am so grateful that I was giving this opportunity to be here. I have had nothing but the best help from the staff here at the Veterans Affairs here, and it is greatly appreciated.

Author *Dina Tzegaegbe   

These people are amazing. I’m so absolutely grateful. As a Veteran they have helped out so much. Such a blessing. Sincerely, Sean

Sean Reynolds   

Some people seem to have all the luck.......I'm the other kind of person. When it rains it pours, then pours some more, then for good measure someone or something comes along and splashes me with mop bucket water after the mopping has been done. So, when the laptop I had purchased a few years ago finally decided to blue screen and the hard drive gave its final spin and groan, I too groaned. I wondered, "How am I going to write papers for the class I am in right now?"
Mind you, it was only a month into the semester and I had three more to go with a writing assignment due every couple of weeks. That's when I was sitting in the Fountain Valley Veterans Resource Center at Coastline with Tom Boscamp. I had worked there as an hourly and recently been asked to move upstairs to further assist the veteran and active duty community in more focused capacity; namely Admissions and Registration for Military Programs. The pay and hourly bump helped, but it still wasn't full time and not enough to shell out even a couple of hundred dollars for even the most cost effective laptop (prior decision making on my part had plenty to do with my financial situation).
Tom asked his usual question as he does of every veteran lucky enough to know him, "how is everything?" "Great." I told him, "You'll be seeing more of me around here cause I'm going to have to use the workstations for paper writing." I explained my situation and without skipping a beat, Tom already had a plan. He said, I may have a laptop for you in a couple of days. Stand by."
The following day Tom confirmed that a laptop would be in my hands in a couple of more days and I just about wept. No kidding. Here it was raining, pouring, and getting mop water dumped on me in the form of losing my means of writing papers for school and then, the clouds parted, the sun shone on me, and just as quickly as my problem had appeared it had vanished.......all with the help of Heroes Deserve Help and Tom.
I owe a thousand thank you's and then some to Heroes Deserve Help for making the connection with Tom and being able to assist with what felt like a crisis at a time when other crises were looming. If there is anything I can ever do for this organization, please do not hesitate to call on me, I would be more than happy to assist and support in anyway I can so that others can benefit the way I did. Thank you very much!

Abel Valdez   

I'm a returning student to Coastline Community College and I've been incredibly impressed by the resources made available to Veterans here. I've been out of the Corps for 20 years and I'm just now discovering that there are people and organizations out there dedicated to helping Veterans and the CCC VSO along with Heroesdeservehelp.org stand as two of the best groups of people I've had the fortune of knowing. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Fred Franco (USMC -Vet)   

This Laptop came at the perfect time. Needed a new one and you guys delivered.
Having the Microsoft Essentials is a plus.
Thanks Again !!!

Darrian Terry   

I met with Miguel and Tom during my visit to their Veteran Resource Center and they were very welcoming and an extreme help. I was lucky enough to receive help with a laptop and other issues when I needed it the most. Their generosity saved me hundreds of dollars at a time when I couldn't afford another extra payment. If ever you're in need of help I highly recommend stopping by to see them.

Alphonso Black   

I am a Navy vet. I am glad that I found this group at the Los Angeles Resource fair during Veteran's Day Weekend last year. I was in need of a laptop to start my studies in Social work and they provided me with one.

Michael Nguyen   

I was introduced to Heroes Deserve Help through Nat Miller and Tom Boscamp at Coastline College VRC in Fountain Valley, CA. I have been taking courses online through Coastline College since 2010 while service in the US Navy on Active Duty. After 9 years of service I moved back to Orange County, CA and the VRC offered great support and services during my transition back into the classroom. As a 2019 business graduate of Coastline College, the VRC has provided tremendous assistance and support in regards to veteran resources offered. I am a current student veteran working in the Veterans Resource Center part time while pursuing my undergraduate studies at California State University, Fullerton. Heroes Deserve Help provided me with a laptop at no cost during my transition to the university for this Fall 2019 semester. It relieved the pressure to go out and purchase a laptop. Their services and resources will help me complete my studies and have access to technology to work efficiently. Heroes Deserve Help also provided me with a computer monitor to use while at home for business studies. I am very much appreciative of their support and assistance and owe much of my success at Coastline College to the contribution of the VRC and Heroes Deserve Help organization. Thank you VRC , Tom Boscamp and HDH!!

Thomas Rajewich   

I randomly found Nathanial's contact information on a google search and am glad I did. I am a disabled marine attending college and had to move into a bigger home to move my mother in. all of this and my current laptop (about 10 yrs old) died. I contacted Hero's deserve help and immediately I was contacted and given assistance in getting a laptop to utilize for school. they are awesome organization. Thanks guys Semper FI.

David P   

Was referred into the Veterans Resource Center (VRC) @ Coastline College per a fellow veteran / brother whom I served with for some resources for my cyber security classes at El Camino. I did not know nor expect to have been able to have gotten a lap top! This is going to make going to class so much easier considering that I am always looking for a way to bring a computer to school and obviously cannot take my desktop. Thanks VRC NB & Coastline - Semper Fi !!

Sherman Watson Jr.   

I am currently in school - and of course I was using my laptop - something weird happened where I could not log on - the laptop took me to some BIOS screen - and when I tried with command prompt - it would only show a x: drive - I used another computer in a attempt to resolve the problem - after many days I was not able to correct it - I contacted my counselor at school - and he suggested I try the Tierney Center in Tustin - I spoke with a representative there (Jade) and she was very helpful - I was just trying to get my computer repaired - she was able to work her channels and I was introduced to another helpful man in Fountain Valley (Tom) he stated he could help me out with another laptop - we set-up a day and time to meet - the gentleman had me sign a document and a laptop was presented to me - we had a nice conversation that followed - he educated me on things I was not aware - I was surprised by the expediency of the process - and happy about the outcome - herosdeservehelp.org - is a wonderful team of people - working together as one to make things happen! - the people assisted me - I elected to omit their names - I was not sure if it would be okay to state - I have reached out to them and thank them for their help

David L King   

Veterans Legal Institute has been a beneficiary of Heroes Deserve Help on multiples ocassions. While we provide free legal services to at risk and homeless Veterans, we are unable to do so without the proper technology. Each time we have made a request to Heroes Deserve Help, it has been met with expediency and the time of collaborative attitude of a passion-run organization. We are grateful to Heroes Deserve Help for their incredible support of Veterans and Veteran-serving nonprofits.

Antoinete Balta, Executive Director of Veterans Legal Institute   

I really appreciate the tablet. It has enabled me to communicate with the outside world and generally made my life so much easier. Thank you Heroes Deserve Help and Chuck David (Air Force Veteran) for there wonderful generosity; This is amazing.

mel stuart